Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We See the Pope by Michael Kowalewski

We left the North American College today at 6am for St. Peter's Square to attend the Holy Father's Wednesday Audience Address.  There were many people excited to see the Pope. At 10am the Holy Father came out. He smiled and blessed all the pilgrims he passed. Following his audience address on the hope for peace, we took a tour under St. Peter's and saw the box containing the bones of the Apostle Peter.  He was martyred in Rome.

Who would have thought that the body humbly buried here almost 2000 years ago would flower into a city filled with churches with the biggest church honoring his name.  I felt so blessed to be near our Holy Father Pope Francis, who brings the joy of Christ to my heart.  As a future priest, I hope to bring that same joyful message of Christ to others. 

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