Monday, May 12, 2014

Into the Desert, by Mark Tibai

Today was an early day with Mass at 6:10 am at the Kiriat Yearim retreat house where we are staying. We soon departed on our bus for Beer Sheva in the Negev Desert. On this trip we had a very helpful guide that was with us that would present the days sites and would point historical locations to us while we were driving. Abraham made a treaty with Abimelek the Philistine here. You can read about this in Genesis 21:25-33. King David would later make this location into a fortified town. Beer Sheva was destroyed in BC 701 and it's inhabitants moved on to new locations. 

From Beer Sheva we continued further into the Negev Desert to the city of Avdat. This city is on top of a hill which gave us some breathtaking views of the Negev Desert. Avdat has its roots back to the 3rd century BC. Due to Avdat being on a trade route the city was very well off. In the 4th century AD Christian settlers came and the city was converted. You can see the remains of two churches that were built at this time. Avdat ceased to exist in the 7th century when nomads came and destroyed it. It was nice to understand how the people would live in the desert in such places as Beer Sheva and Avdat. 

The days have been going really well for us and we are usually more then ready for a good nights sleep when we return from our daily excursions. Please continue to pray for us and if you could especially pray for a family member of one of the seminarians that would be much appreciated. Our love and prayers are with you all.

The city of Avdat is very likely one of the stops that the Holy Family made during their flight into Egypt.

Avdat Ruins

Avdat Ruins Walk

Avdat Ruins by SirGuy1001 on Photosynth

At Beer Sheba.  My apologies for the half people.  The stitching wasn't great.

All of us at Beer Sheba with our tour guide.

Beer Sheba Walk

Be'er Sheba Walk by SirGuy1001 on Photosynth

Beer Sheba Walk Two

Be'er Sheba Two by SirGuy1001 on Photosynth

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